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We wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for the services you provided our patients while we were closed for the holidays. We were impressed with your thorough evaluations and care as well as with the follow up information you provided us after seeing our patients. Furthermore, our patients reported a good experience with your staff and doctors. This was our first time referring our patients to your doctors and we hope to continue to work with you in the future. Thank you for providing this service to Denver dentists.

Brittany Seymour, D.D.S. at LODO Dental

Thank you for the peace of mind your service affords our patients. Thank you for taking such good care of them during the year. We are grateful to all of you and wish you the best of holiday cheer and peace.

Kristin F. Robbins, D.D.S. at Central Park Dental Medicine
WOW…I know this doesn’t sound possible, but I had a GREAT experience at a dentist office even though I was in great pain when I arrived! Dr. Milos and Susan are a great team, and they treated me like I was their favorite patient even though I had never been there before. I was told what my cost would be before they began working on my tooth. They made me as comfortable as I could possibly be and were constantly asking me if I was OK during the procedure. My insurance carrier is out of network, but Susan got all the paperwork ready for me to send in to my provider. I would highly recommend this establishment.
I have a severe anxiety disorder and PTSD around dentistry that makes even walking into a dental office extremely difficult. However, serious dental pain from a nasty tooth made it necessary. Found this group online and am so very glad I did. They were kind, gentle, slow, and asked my permission before doing anything. They waited out my panic attack, never making me feel rushed or embarrassed. My husband was able to come back with me and be supportive as well which is so important in managing my anxiety. Dr. David was gentle and kind, not judgemental at all, and clearly explained my options. The dental assistant was sweet too, calm and kind, and didn’t bat an eye when I asked for the weighted xray blanket to be left on my body – the pressure helps me feel calmer. Susan at the front desk was ready with Kleenex and her calming presence from the get go was extremely helpful. I got a referral to an endodontist and they numbed me up so I could have some pain relief before I left. I am so thankful they were there for me – I highly recommend them! Thank you everyone.
DeAnna M.
Dear Dr. Joe – Thank you. You made my trip to Africa possible. It was wonderful and I am so glad I didn’t miss it. How lucky was I to be referred to your office. I didn’t know there were people around so dedicated… Many Thanks!
Carol B.
They were fantastic I had nine teeth pulled all at once. I have little pain. Everyone there is very friendly. no one was judgemental at all about the look of my teeth they just want to help me fix them
Chantel S.
Dental 911 – on July 18, late on Friday p.m. another dentist referred my wife to your office with an acute lower front tooth abscess. Dr. Gryzick gave my wife, Joan Y. emergency care and very good advice, which was more than confirmed upon our return to Santa Rosa, California. Thank you! Every dentist and agency that deals with tourists should have a stack of your cards!
Arlan and Joan Y.