Antibiotics for a Tooth Abscess

Antibiotics for a Tooth Abscess Antibiotics Antibiotics are often used to help treat an infection from a tooth abscess.  Since a severe abscess from an infected tooth can be life-threatening, antibiotics can be absolutely necessary to help a patient recover.  There are times, though,  when it is considered "overkill" to take an [...]

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24 Hour Dentist in Denver

24 Hour Dentist in Denver   24 hours  -  no.   Sundays, Saturdays, and evenings?  Yes! Open Sundays! A  24 hour dentist in Denver?  Not at this time.  There are only 2, maybe 3 offices in the whole metro area that are even open on Sundays.  Websites that list 24 Hour Dental Care will [...]

Toothache prevention for Babyboomers

Two positive aspects of growing older in the 21st century are the increased life expectancy compared to 100 years ago,  and the fact that people are keep their teeth for much longer.   That means there are alot of babyboomers out there getting "long in the teeth". That popular term refers to the receeding gums [...]

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